AES Controls and the Covid Rapid Response Team are working to find materials and partners to place respiratory devices into hospitals and critical care facilities.

Our team is responding to a direct known need. And until it’s clear that all needs are met, we will continue to work together and find partners to work with in order to help get ventilators into hospitals and critical care facilities that are struggling to treat the influx of patients.

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Case Study

Rice University engineering students working with a Baylor College of Medicine professor develop a bag valve mask compressor to automate the difficult task of feeding fresh air to patients' lungs, often for hours at a time. The device could help save lives in low-resource settings and in emergency situations.

Latest News

Apr 8, 2020

In an April 8th 2020 article, Eliza Relman write that "President Donald Trump told Fox News host and unofficial White House adviser Sean Hannity that states across the country have plenty of ventilators." Relman continued, "he cited Hannity's show to back up his claim."