The lack of ventilators needed to combat Covid-19 is a massive dilemma that boils down to a lack of parts/components, and a lack of supply chain to address the shortage quickly enough - especially for New York.

While there remains confusion on if, in fact, the US has sufficient respiratory solutions, this team is responding to direct known need. And until it’s clear that all needs are met, we will continue to work together and find partners to work with in order to help get ventilators into hospitals and critical care facilities that are struggling to treat the influx of patients. The CPAP/BiPAP-to-PCV Ventilator conversion kit was designed specifically to help address the dire ventilator shortage due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Another chief concern with such a conversion - especially in the case of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) - is the spread of aerosol or droplets from the open-loop circuits present in these CPAP/BiPAP machines. We have designed an anti-aerosolization system that utilizes existing standard parts, including exhaust ports and ViroBac II N95-grade inline filters. We are actively sourcing partners to help weave these inline filters as supply continues to be an issue.

In a short time, our team has perfected the retrofit process and are producing our first batch of units.

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